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Long Beach Expungement Attorney

Long Beach Expungement Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Getting charged with a crime, even if it’s just a misdemeanor, can be a dirty stain on one’s personal or professional reputation. It creates hindrances to potential life-changing opportunities, such as employment or a school application. Removing this stain, at least in the legal system, is a process called expungement, and it is not that easy to obtain. If you want to have your criminal case expunged, you must adhere to certain legal standards and get the best expungement attorney possible.

Expungement or expunction is a term for the process, the petition, or the court decision that officially “seals” or sets aside an offender’s criminal record in the legal system. It is stated under California’s Penal Code § 1203.4. This process is generally available to people undergoing probation. People apply for an expungement to clear their legal records and avoid damaging future opportunities that criminal or arrest records can taint.

Applying for an expungement requires a good case, most of all, but also a good legal team. Winfield Law is an experienced, sharp, and passionate firm that guarantees you the best legal support possible. We want to help you get back on your feet and remove the stain of criminal or arrest records from your life. We are committed to helping you obtain an expungement, no matter how challenging your case may be.

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Understanding Expungement

Criminal Law AttorneysAs long as the law is concerned, an expunged case loses all its relevance. Expungement changes your earlier plea of “guilty” to “not guilty.” Juvenile convicts normally apply for expungement to protect their futures, although adults are also welcome to try. Getting an expungement involves sending a petition to your court judge after proving that you are eligible for an expungement. In applying for an expungement of your criminal or arrest case, you will want to seek the help of an experienced and capable law firm. Winfield Law has been handling all kinds of Long Beach criminal cases for years. We have all the legal resources, and expertise one needs to win an expungement application.

What can expungement do?

Most people chase an expungement to avoid damaging their employment potential. One of the best benefits of expungement is that a once convicted individual will have the right to no longer mention their arrest or criminal record to any employer or institution. Their arrest or criminal record won’t appear on legal background checks. The California legal system will mark their conviction record as “dismissed.”

There are, however, certain things that expungement cannot do. It doesn’t necessarily render your criminal or arrest case nonexistent. Your conviction may be invisible to most institutions, and the legal system may consider it as dismissed, but an expungement does not legally enforce on society any kind of privacy on your case. If your criminal or arrest case were published in a newspaper, on social media, or in a written police report, it would stay there. Expungement does not have any power on publicly available records.

Who is eligible for an expungement?

Long Beach Expungement Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205Some states do not allow expungement, but California does. Qualifying for an expungement depends on many factors, but there are a few bare minimum standards one must meet.

1. The applicant must have completed their probation period without any major issues.
2. The applicant must not have been sanctioned with a jail or prison sentence.
3. The applicant must not be currently facing a criminal charge.

On the other hand, some cases cannot apply for an expungement:

1. Cases sanctioned with jail or prison time.
2. Cases that are still finishing the required minimum probation period.
3. Cases on sex crimes involving children.

It is important to know that expungement can be given to both misdemeanor or felony cases. People who committed a probation violation can also still not give up and fight for an expungement. If you see your case as eligible for an expungement, yet you still worry about getting one, Winfield Law is here for you. We will provide you with all the necessary resources and services to significantly increase your chances of getting expungement on your case.

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You won’t regret partnering with Winfield Law in Long Beach, CA. We have had years of experience handling criminal cases, including expungement applications. We understand how intimidating and stressful it is to try to erase the stain on your reputation as a good member of society. We guarantee that you will receive only the best legal help we can offer, one of passion, aggressiveness, and commitment, no matter how challenging your case is.

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