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Long Beach Probation Violation Attorney

Criminal Law AttorneysProbation is always better than ending up in jail. Potentially losing this favor of being able to live a somewhat normal life after being convicted of a crime is a scary thing to face. But that is just what happens when you violate the rules of your probation. Fortunately, there are still ways to cool the situation down. To start, you will need an excellent probation violation attorney.

Probation is a sanction imposed upon criminals, usually as an alternative to a prison sentence. In other cases, probations are imposed on individuals who have just gotten out of a prison sentence. Individuals under probation are allowed to stay within their community as long as they adhere to certain rules and limitations, such as routinely reporting for a probation officer, for a set period, typically three to five years in California law.

Violating the rules of your probation is a big problem. It can cause the court to remove the probation deal and send you to prison this time. In some other cases, the probation rules are changed into harsher and stricter protocols. Sometimes, a warning is enough. The sanctions you will get when you violate your probation rules may depend a lot on your violation case, but it can also be a matter of who is handling your case. Winfield Law in Long Beach has all the legal resources, experience, and expertise to help you handle your probation violation case. We guarantee that we provide you only the best legal representation possible and to end your case with the best possible outcome.

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Understanding Probation Violation

Long Beach Probation Violation Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Probations can result from either a felony criminal case (formal probation) or just a misdemeanor case (summary or informal probation). The rules of formal probation are usually harsher and stricter than those of informal probation. But generally, probation conditions depend on the nature of the charged crime. If you are already under probation, know that the conditions set by your court judge are meant to make sure that your criminal case won’t happen again and that your neighborhood stays safe and undisturbed. Here are some examples of the most common probation rules:

1. Regular reports to the probation officers assigned to your case
2. Payment for victim restitution (damages that the convict must pay the victim as negotiated in court)
3. Drug tests (usually for drug-related crimes)
4. Community service
5. Restriction on weapons
6. Counseling
7. Seeking employment
8. Abstaining from taking alcohol or drugs
9. Agreement to have the police search you and your property
10. Agreement to not violate any more laws

What happens when you violate probation terms?

Long Beach Probation Violation Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205When a person in probation fails to observe one of the conditions set in the deal, they commit a probation violation. When this happens, the court judge may or may not make changes to your probation. Here are some of the possible court decisions on a probation violation case:

1. A warning followed by reinstating the initial conditions of the probation
2. Change in the conditions of the probation typically into harsher and stricter forms
3. Addition of more probation terms
4. Extension of the probation’s initial duration
5. Lifting of the probation rule and sending of the person to county jail or state prison
6. Sending the offender into counseling or a rehabilitation facility (mostly for violence or drug-related cases)

When charged with a crime, the fear of ending up in prison immediately creeps in. So for some people, getting probation is a huge relief because they would have avoided serving prison time. Violating a probation condition can be a very frightening experience. Your one mistake brought you the possibility of ending behind bars after all. We understand this situation. We at Winfield Law have been handling cases like this for years. We are experienced, skilled, and sharp. We want to be your legal support in this very challenging situation of your life.

Winfield Law Can Give You The Best Probation Violation Attorney.

When you face a probation violation case, the goal of your Long Beach, CA attorney is to make sure that you get the best court decision possible, which in most cases means the first warning. Winfield Law guarantees that we will provide your case with the best legal support possible. We will inform you about the conditions of your case as transparently and honestly as we can. Our years-worth of experience, knowledge, and resources in handling probation violation cases make us the best partner in getting the best possible outcome for your case, no matter how challenging it may be.

Free Probation Violation Consultation

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